Welcome to the store page of my site.  Here you can find some amazing products that will deepen and enhance your experience of Tantra.  I don't fulfill orders myself, but I am affiliated with the Source School of Tantra Yoga, Sounds True, and because I believe in supporting local businesses, a local Denver bookstore called The Tattered Cover.

I'm particular about the products that I offer through my site, and I've included only those items that I think would truly benefit a new Tantrica.  Most of the links are for enhancing the sexual experience, but I have included two books by Reggie Ray about the Tantra of Tibetan Buddhism.  These aren't books about sexual practice, but they provide a historical and philosophical context for the work.  Another fantastic book to read is Christopher Wallis' book, Tantra Illuminated.  He covers the history and foundational lineages of Tantra.  These books continue to inform how I approach my practice of Tantra and how and what I teach.

I sincerely appreciate your support of my work through purchases made through this store.  If you find something not listed here, but that has been beneficial to you, let me know and I may include it.

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