When we touch the place in our lives where sexuality and spirituality come together, we touch our wholeness and the fullness of our power, and at the same time our connection with a power larger than ourselves.  - Judith Plaskow

When we touch the place in our lives where sexuality and spirituality come together, we touch our wholeness and the fullness of our power, and at the same time our connection with a power larger than ourselves. - Judith Plaskow

Read what John's students are saying...

Working with John has been transformative for me! Old beliefs had hindered my ability to accept and enjoy my body fully. I recently realized a paradigm shift which has allowed me to fully experience both my spirituality and sensuality together, showing up as deep peace, connection and oneness. John demonstrates the highest professionalism, caring, sensitivity, warmth, and acceptance within a safe container. This work has been a beautiful gift to myself expanding into all of my life, specifically in feeling energy and aliveness throughout my body. This work has not only been healing, but has integrated into my entire life in a nourishing, vibrant way.
— Terry, 58
John holds a powerful, safe, healing space in which I was able to access & heal a lot of relationship trauma and express my inner goddess.
— Sandra G, 47
I believe that John came into my life as a blessing. I had no previous experience with Tantra and didn’t know what to expect. I also remained open and didn’t impose expectations on it either. The result was a different level of expansiveness each time I met with John. I feel like I have experienced a spiritual healing and a level of alignment with my Higher Self that words can’t describe. John is so professional and compassionate and truly embodies the work. I am eternally grateful to John for the experiences that we have shared.
— Sandra T, 47
In every session, John provides unswerving attentiveness, and compassionate regard. I came into this work at a time in my life in which safety was my number one concern. I was hesitant even to get started knowing I’d be working alone with a male. I can attest that I have utmost trust in John, his professionalism and the integrity he imparts. Further, it is reassuring to me to know he is dedicated to spiritual and personal growth and supports me in pursuing a path suitable for myself. It is life-changing to reconnect spirituality and sexuality. If you are looking to re-own your sexuality in its fullness, and journey into conscious-loving, I recommend Tantra Consciousness as a place to start!
— Lisa, 38
I have to admit, I was skeptical at first. How could this be useful to me at this stage in my life, especially with someone who is not a partner? I knew that this work would have helped me many years ago when I was 20 and dealing with a deep sexual betrayal. But now? I didn’t think there was much I needed help with in this area. I’m mature. I’ve worked through my issues around sex; what was left to work on? As you may have guessed, I was quite surprised to find this work to be very valuable to me. Not only did I learn things about my own body that will help me in future partnerships, but several emotional issues came up for me during our sessions. Just by being who he is, John created an atmosphere of complete safety. All thoughts, words, and emotions were welcomed in the context of this sacred space. John helped me work through my issues, and with one very insightful comment, allowed me to move past a difficulty that I had almost given up on. I highly recommend John. Even if you are as skeptical as I was, give yourself a gift and just try it!
— Allison, 52
Balancing sensuality with professionalism can be a tricky task as a tantric light worker, and John has the innate ability to do just that. His caring and sincere nature shine through in his work. He helped me to overcome issues dealing with painful intercourse in a single session. I would recommend John, and his work, to anyone who is looking to find answers to issues around intimacy, or to anyone who is curious about tantra.
— Michelle, 37
Working with John was great. He made me feel comfortable and safe and our session was honest and open because of it. John showed sensitivity, warmth, and compassion and has a way of tapping into the energy. I would highly recommend working with John and hope to further my practice with his guidance.
— Keely, 29
I felt very comfortable and confident with John. The trust that I felt towards him in and this work was absolutely amazing. I was able to work through things that I didn’t even know were there. I am in touch with my body in a totally different level than I even realize was possible. I highly recommend this work.
— Heather, 37
John is nurturing and caring. He provides sessions with a tremendous amount of thoughtfulness and kindness. If you want to experience healing breakthroughs- sign up for session! If you want to experience more pleasure- sign up for a session
— Maureen, 46
I’ve used John’s services a few times, and cannot recommend him more. He creates an atmosphere of ultimate safety and trust, and is driven by a true desire to help. Whether you’re looking to explore your sexuality deeper, or to work on some issues and self-limiting beliefs, he’s the guy for you!
— Irina, 36