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Journey Into the Heart of Tantra - Wheat Ridge, CO

  • Home Collective Studio 6101 West 38th Avenue Wheat Ridge, CO, 80033 United States (map)

John says:

I took a five-month intensive study course with Hareesh on the Kashmiri Shaiva Tantra text, The Pratyabhijñā-hrdaya, or The Recognition Sutras.  Hareesh is a wonderful teacher, and this course has been deeply influential to me in the way I teach.  I highly recommend attending this workshop and getting the opportunity to receive a direct transmission from a Tantrik Master.
This event is being arranged through Wild Soul Living.


Join us for an evening with Christopher "Hareesh" Wallis (Ph.D. scholar-practitioner and celebrated meditation teacher)

Due to space restrictions, we have limited spots. Sign-up today to reserve your spot.

Hareesh has written two books Tantra Illuminated and The Recognition Sutras. His newest book, The Recognition Sutras, is a complete translation of a 1000-year-old Sanskrit text from the tradition of Tantric Shaivism.


Do you have a desire to go deeper to the roots of your soul?

We believe that the human journey is one of continual exploration, awakening, and application of the deepest Truths we learn along the way. Christopher Wallis's teachings reveal the roots of your soul. I discovered his life-affirming teachings a few years ago and provided some deep transformation for me and the challenges I face in my everyday life. Wild Heart is thrilled to have the opportunity to host and support Hareesh's work and upcoming community learning opportunities.


What you can expect at this workshop:

Experience: Christopher Wallies, a tantric master who has translated directly from unpublished texts and presented in simple language. Learn about his key teachings, foundational lineages, and ancient practices of the non-dual Kashmir Shaivism tantra.

Discover: How the timeless teachings can reveal the roots of your soul. Learn about his online offers, upcoming workshops, and a new community outreach that dives deeper into these life-affirming teachings of Tantra and how they can serve as a direct means to self-healing and deep transformation to help face the challenges of everyday life.

Cultivate: The power of your own intuitive insight (pratibhā) to illuminate your path to freedom and awakening in the community and in life.


"I am a Tantra Yoga teacher, and whenever someone asks me 'So what is Tantra, anyway?' and is genuinely curious to know the answer, I recommend he or she read this book (or listen to the audiobook). It is a masterfully interwoven overview of the history and practices of various traditional Tantrik lineages, complete with techniques which might be beneficial for the modern reader/practitioner. Both informative in an academic sense and relevant for a non-scholastic audience, Christopher Wallis has created a masterpiece for modern Tantrik practitioners to educate and inform themselves of the deep and rich tradition of Śaiva Tantra, and all the changes it has undergone over time." - Amazon Review


Why should you join us?

This workshop is perfect for a casual yoga teacher, the serious grad student in religious studies, or a practitioner of ANY form of tantra or neo-tantra.

Come learn about Hareesh, who clarifies the concepts and the history in a way that no other book on Tantra has done, discover a new community of learning, and cultivate your own path of illumination to freedom and awakening.

We will be revealing some new community opportunities to support and embodied the teachings and path of nondual Tantric Shaivism If you can't make the event but would like to join our Colorado community please contact





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